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    • How to read your fishfinder

      I didn't watch this myself but just from the title thought some here may find it interesting. If not, don't shoot the messenger  

      in General Discussion

    • New fishing licences rant(the day the music died)

      If this has already been posted or counts as political please let me know and I'll take it down, I just had to rant somewhere.   I got my new fishing licence today. A printed out piece of paper that isn't even waterproof. Needless to say I'm a little heartbroken (yeah, I'm a softie. It happens). What has happened to our fishing licences since I was a kid? How did this get decided this was the direction we were going?!?!? I remember when I was a kid, my sister and I would always lo

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    • An interesting read

      I was sent this today from MNR Watch. No need to make this political even though it could easily go that way. For me what I take away from it is that we Canucks are becoming as litigious now as Americans. Art if you or any of our owners/mods feel at anytime this discussion is going off the rails you guys do what you feel you need to do. If you aren't receiving emails from MNR Watch sign up at the right side of the page. Well worth it. Johnny D     http://mnrwatch.com/law

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    • Trolling motors gps about to get alot better...

      One year after I buy my Minn Kota 80 the bluetooth version comes out....sheesh   Just read announcement Broadcomm new 2018 chips will give 30-centimeter accuracy instead of today’s 5 meters. Even better, the chip works in a city’s concrete canyons, and it consumes half the power of today’s generation of chips.   Of course this is directed at cellphones but will trickle down soon enough. Always thought it was a military spec and the "public" was only allowed 5m.   One another note, hit LS

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    • FREE & Legit OEM Outboard Manuals for Download/Print

      I posted a few weeks back looking for an outboard manual. I ended up getting the screen shot I needed (thx to Big Cliff & BC Jr) but I continued my quest to obtain the entire manual for '91 Merc 115. So after continued & dogged determination, I found the following site deep in my google search results and happy to share with everyone here.   The site: http://boatinfo.no/lib/library.html   The facts: - Original OEM service manuals in their entirety - Owners manuals & marketing

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