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Fishing Report For The Bay Of Quinte

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Well it’s been a-while since I have done any reports but I have been so busy because of the fishing that’s going on I just have not found the time. Any-way here goes. I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the excellent fishing that has been going on at the Bay of Quinte for the last three months. We have no ice at this time but the gals and guys that didn’t put their boats away and the people that took theirs back out have been having some of the best fishing they have seen in years at the B.O.Q. There are so many places to fish that I’m sure that if you picked your own quite place with water depths from 15 ft and deeper you will have the same results as a lot of the fisher-people have been having. The biggest trick is to let the boat drift and jig your favorite jig heads or spoons. The people that are jigging with the jigging spoons are even catching a few without live bait. (after they run out of minnows) I’m going through ice jigging spoons like crazy. The one spoon I have had to replenish three times and I’m now getting ready to replenish all one hundred again. The colour choices have been in the green and silver families.

A lot of fisher-people have had 40 to 70 fish days. Mostly eater size, but there have been some pretty impressive hogs caught lately. You do have to do your homework to find out where they are and if there biting but once you do I’m positive you’re going to have a lot of fun. If you need any help give me a a phone call , email me or stop in and see me and I’ll help to put you onto fish.

With the way the fishing is going at this time can you imagine what the ice fishing is going to be like. FANTASTIC.

Since I brought up the ice subject I should mention that with the weather reports we are getting we will have ice this season. I’m predicting very soon. I will be keeping all you ice people informed as often as I can. Have a positive attitude and a little patience and we will be ice fishing before you know it. I know it’s hard this year and I can hardly wait to get out there myself but it is going to happen. ( I have to say this to my-self every day just to keep my-self sane.) COME ON ICE

Remember have fun, be safe and bring back everything you took with you. Ron

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