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The Sunshine Coast...

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I was invited to a cottage for the weekend up the sunshine coast....near Egmont and Earles Cove to be more specific. Saturday was a beautiful day and I spent the whole day hiking and exploring. Before even arriving at the cottage we stopped at Ruby Lake right on the side of the Sunshine Coast Highway. Here is a pic and a pano of Ruby Lake...






Once I got to the cottage I checked out a map and spotted out a trail that leads through an ecological reserve to Ambrose Lake....


Crappy pic but I like the reflection



Here is lonely me relaxing at Ambrose Lake



and a 2 photo pano of basically the same scene.....sans brandon



After the 6km round trip hike to Ambrose I uploaded some pictures to my laptop and took a little snooze. Upon waking up I took a quick 10 minute walk to the Earles Cove Ferry Terminal....


Here is a pano of the terminal



From the terminal I headed into the town of Egmont where I took these 2 pictures from the docks






After Egmont time it was dinner and a movie time. With darkness setting in I continued to edit some pictures when I got the idea to try some nighttime photography. Besides the moon on the night of the lunar eclipse, I really have no experience shooting the stars. So I headed back down to the ferry terminal and it figures the night I want some practice taking pictures of the stars, the northern lights are dancing across the sky. So not only now do I have to hurry and take some pics before the light show dies down, I also had to figure out what the hell I was doing. Now the ferry terminal has some pretty bright lights so I had to get beyond them however a fence was in the way. I spoke to the man working at the terminal if he would mind if I hopped the fence for some pictures and he gave me the OK......


2 photo pano of the Northern Lights above the distant mountains with the Ferry Terminal in the foreground



and one more of the N. Lights....the bright lights on the right are from a small logging community up the Inlet



Today before I headed back to Vancity I hiked into the Skookumchuck Rapids. The only pictures I'm happy with is of Brown Lake which I passed on the way to the rapids....


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Wow, great shots of what looks like a great weekend. The weekend here consisted of shoveling the white stuff around.

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Great shots Brandon, the colors are awesome as the locations. Did an awesome job with the Northern Lights. Your willingness to do the leg work really pays off, awesome images.

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