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Mono vs Copolymer

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Hello everyone.


I am just looking for a few main differences between the two, pros and cons. Are there certain situations where one out performs the other? different seasons? Stretchability? durability? diameter? floatability?


I use mono about 75% of the time. It seems the copolymer is little cheaper than some premium monos, however, when it comes to something important as line, I tend not to skimp. Copolymer feels smoother to me and not as "lumpy" as some monos I use. Knots also appear to be easier to tie with copolymer. Beyond that, I have confidence in both in the brands I use, just more experience with mono


Does anyone have preferences/experiences with the two that they dont mind sharing?



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I am sure a lot of progress had been made, but Stren`s Prime taught me not to be in a hurry to try new lines. It was like the first copolymer? and I threw it all out and had to take valuable fishing time off and search for fresh line 500 miles from home.


I have been using original Stren for over 30 years, never saw a strong enough argument to change after the Prime incident. I tried spider wire when it first came out also, it makes a good heavy duty sewing thread.


I expected to have to change lines during the season, I don`t expect to have issues with the line.

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