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Didn't want to Hijack the other Yak thread so I started this one....


I've been thinking about getting a Kayak for the last 2 years, and could use some advice to help me narrow down

what I should be looking at.


I'm a total nubee to this by the way...

I'm well experienced at Canoe, electric, tiller, and console navigation....even have limited sailing experience, but when it comes to

Yaks I'm clueless

My main use would be in the big lake(huron) for fitness, fun...and maybe some fishing as I have a trailer on the water.

Not aware of any "great" spots on the big water(inbetween Point clark and Goderiche)

but I suppose I could spend some time look'n around ;)

I could think of worse ways to sepnd my time :rolleyes:



What kind of Features, models, weights would Ya'll recomend?

Pro's cons, suggestions...


Just curious.

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My reccomendation is to go to an event or store where you can paddle as many boats as possible. Kayaks are more variable, in terms of performance and "feel, than canoes are: some feel like they are going to spit you into the water in a second, some are stable enough to stand up in. There is no substitute for getting in a few boats and feeling the difference.


I know that Adventure Guide is doing a big kayak event, but don't know the date. http://www.advguide.com/

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I recommend looking at some canoe-kayak web sites FAQ's etc. and trying out several before you decide. Generally they are short maneuverable ones for rivers and fast water. medium size "recreational" ones and longer tripping-sea kayaks.


I have two-a 12 foot and a 14 foot. The shorter one turns better but plows the water more. The longer one is faster, tracks better in a straight line but doesnt turn as well. They are alot of fun and I prefer them to solo paddling a canoe because the wind doesnt push them. A canoe is better to portage though. On big water you may want a longer kayak and a spray skirt to keep the water out.

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YOUR best bet is to try the most you can and get the that fit you...and comfortable.because if its not you wont use it.


there some demo days in a lot off store..or go see some place that have lakes just beside the dealer like frontenac. dealer.


every kayak is good.but not for everybody and not for every location you fish.


so it depend.



your weight

the location you fish

where you fish.and the condition.......cold water or just summer months..for this..dry suit is nice..and almost a must.


your budget



there is a lot off kayak to chuce frome..go see some kayak fishing sites..


just google..kayak+fishing..you will get 100's off sites. mosly down south.


but the sport is gething bigger. up here..and i hope to see more and more kayak fishermans all over.






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