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Boat Floor Replacement

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Does anyone know of a shop that could replace the flooring in my boat with marine plywood


I have a 17 foot crestliner and the front area is getting very soft and spongy.


I do not have the facilities to do it myself and need to find a reputable shop to do the work.


Any suggestions?



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I had the same problem last summer. Took it to a place and they wanted $700 to $1000. Unfortunately I did not have that kind of cash.


I ended up spending about $300 on plywood carpet, ss screws and bolts, marine carpet, and the carpet glue. The project took 3 days but that was during the 3 hottest days of last summer. I'd say I really only worked on it for about 3 to 4 hours a day.


It was discerning doing it, but possible to do it yourself. I would definitely do it again.


If I need to have the rest of the boat done I will be doing it myself.


Try it.


I have photo's I can up load if you like.



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