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North Shore Lake O first light series

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The last 3 weekends I've made a point of getting down to Lake Os shoreline for first light, in an effort to build something of a series comprising winter blue skies, first light, Ice and water. Its made for some cold fingers at -10 or so and some frozen pants when ive ventured too far below the waterline but it's fun if not always comfortable :)








This shot I (and my camera) got soaked. In trying to capture some wave action, this one which seemed to pretty mild, broke right beside me catching me by surprise as evidenced in the lower right corner. By the time I got out harms way and got my balance after slipping on the iced over rocks, the spray droplets were frozen on my lens hood, barrel and body :). Id have deleted the shot but decided to keep it as a reminder that there are limits.




Undaunted after the near mishap I went back out the next weekend.












Once the sun was too high I went stalking some Whitetails. Thats for another post but heres a teaser.


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Really nice work. The duck silhouettes really stand out for me. The deer shot is typical behavior by them. I've seen that pose a few times myself.



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