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Savant Lake

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Looking for anyone who has any info on Savant Lake. I am interested in going up there for a week this summer. We like to tent camp, so I was wondering if there is a navigable road into the lake. We take a couple of 16ft w/ 25horse motors and are strickly catch and release exept for a few 17" walleyes for dinner. Private message me if you need to. Any info / advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Was thinking of you yesterday---On another forum a guy was talking about a portage lake off of Milli-lac--thinking that is the lakes west of Thunder Bay. They were having very good luck with bass there. Has to be near where you have been fishing--maybe some east.

len in michigan--good going on the vote there with the cross-over.

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:lol: Baril Lake is about 160 km south of Savant Lake as the crow flies, and probably over twice the kilometers by road.


Sorry, I do not have any info about Savant lake, but a bud who worked in the area years ago for a forestry company said a lot of

the lakes up there had good fishing, but that was many years ago and he did not fish Savant Lake itself. He worked on the Marchington Road, now called Hwy. 516.

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