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Last Ice fishing Day on Hay Bay - Mar 1/08

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Went for the last day of the ice season on Hay Bay and fished approx half way across the bay from Kaisers and the south side Ramp.


BayBoy / Matthew / Laker John and myself began at 1000 and Laker John missed a hit at 1030. Bayboy landed a jumbo perch at 1100 and then the action tailed off......


Laker John had a strike and thought it was another perch and he hauled out a Walleye.... well it was a walleye, BUT one of the smallest I've seen.




Matthew had to leave to return home and the three of us fished til 1600, when the wind and blowing snow was at its peak.


Earlier, around 1415, I had a good strike and lost the fish, heading to get some new bait, Laker John has a strike (probably the one that had just cleaned my hooks :roll: ) and he was able to land a nice 2 pounder for his table.


The weather HAD been nice in the morning with the sun shining, BUT, aall good things end with the changing weather and it clouded over, snow squalls blew thru and around 1430, the westerlies blew up and the snow was filling the hole and it was cooler.


We packed in at 1600 and tried to toast the Lake-God, but the little bottle was dry. Will fill it up for the opening weekend.


Stay tuned - waiting for snow and ice on the boat to go to install the new kicker and break it in looking for brown trout.


Cheers to all ice fishers - it appears as though most fishers did well, some did REALLY well and hats off to them.

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Thanks fer the report on the Hay Bay section of BOQ.

One can always wonder what the action is like, so it goes to show that some days can be iffy at best. I personally prefer the smaller fish, for the table.

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