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Some R&R, good buddies, few cigars and lots of Brookies!

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Just got back from an other annual trout'n trip with a few old friends...the drive up was great with blue skies, and clear roads...the drive home yesterday was CRAP and took close to 6hrs!!!


Anyhow, our objective was to get away for a couple of days, FISH, tell "stories" true or false, FISH, smoke a few cigars, FISH, eat like Kings, FISH, have a lot of beverages and FISH!!


We caught over 80 trout, and it was just the perfect trip!! Not a lot of pics due to my forgeting to bring spare camera batteries up with me!!!!


The first trout of the day for my good ole buddy "Billy Jack"




The fish cleaning station :thumbsup_anim:





Me and "Butch" with a few more trout lying on the ice beside him...




BREAKFAST!!!! :canadian:




LUNCH!! :canadian:



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