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Tyler Charity Tourney 2008

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Well, I finally figured out how to post pics again, so here goes.


I was out on the ice for the Tyler Charity Ice Tourney last weekend.

It was nice to see so many familiar faces again. Always a great time.

I had to scoot early, so I missed the festivities on shore.


Unfortunately, the fish didn't co-operate for me, except for about a dozen perch.

Strange to see so many perch hauled up from 75-80 ft. depths. I tossed back

the first one, thinking it was a fluke.

Then came the flurry, including a few double hook sets.



The monsters of the deep.




Big Chev 4x4 & Lady Walleye discussing strategy.




Gerritt hard at work. Double hook set perch for him too.

I think he landed a whitefish after I left.




How big was it Shelley?




DouG was trying to convince Percy's relatives to make the ultimate sacrifice for a good cause.




My uncle Rick and cousin Andy made it out to join the fun too.




Sunrise. Looking across the lake from tourney headquarters at Innisfil Park.


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