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I am more than ready!

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After seeing this the other day, all I can say is bring on Spring, this is no way to treat a boat. I know all you hard water lovers are in your glory, however I am slowly but surely starting to lose my patience with this weather. Bring Me Spring!, and pike, and whities, and lakers, and steelies, and crappy, and my boat in the water, and and and.


Ok I feel better now.





After I filled up the car and was about to drive off, I notice this chap in a field on the opposite side of Dundas

para-sailing in the blizzard. I guess thats one way to enjoy the elements.




I forgot to reset the date after charging the battery.

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I know what you are saying. I stare at the water and my boat everyday hoping to see the ice break away, but no such luck. Soon, very soon!!!


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