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Restoule Lake, Help wth the Regs.

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The seson is all wrapped up for us in Dunnville, we would like to get one or more outings in for Walter before we call it a season. Restoule falls in Division 11, Open until the 3rd Sat in March.


The exception says that there is a fish sanctuary in Restoule ...Restoule Lake and River, Lot 24 and 25 between Conn. 3 and Conn. 4, I assume this is where the river empties into Restoule, however I am not looking to:


a. break the law




b. be fined for breaking the law.


Is anyone familiar with this area that could clarify, also if anyone wants to join us we will be at the park gate Sat morning for 8:00am, unless of course I have read the regs., wrong.



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I'm actually pretty sure the regs state open 'till the Sunday after the 3rd Saturday in March. ... but I left my print out at the lake.


Can't help with the Sanctuary.

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The waters of the Restoule River and that part of Restoule Lake in Lots 24 and 25, Concessions III and IV in the geographic Township of Patterson in the Territorial District of Parry Sound.




This tells me that the river is open but it's a sanctuary from date to date...like up here


Sturgeon River is open but becomes a sanctuary on closing day.


Maybe you should call a fishin 'lodge or the local bait shop.... hear it from a local.



good luck..

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