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hometown heroes

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just got back from my visit to new brunswick with my folks . my dad says he's helpin' out at the legion. here we go.


he's 70 years old with a bad leg. he replaced an 86 year old gentleman 'cause there's no one else.


beer and liquor inventories in and out , beer empties out, food costs and profit margins , pop inventories , card games ,


entry revenues,,,,, . he alone runs that legion branch #87 browns flat , new brunswick. this building has 3 seperate levels of alcohol storage.[stairs]


he puts instock away personally . on band nights it gets worse.


why does he do it ??? i think i understand . after spending only 5 days i met probably 70 people my dad introd' me to . a very high %


SHOOK MY HAND and welcomed me back home . the people i met reminded me about what it means to be a good neighbor .even the city plow guys look after


the old folks with longer driveways ,because it's right.


he has so many friends , really good people who meet at the corner store for coffee every wednesday to talk about , of course the weather.


mom's okay with the legion thing ,, the coffee on wed. thing ,,,, she speaks her mind,,,,'"get outta here you old coot , jeopardy's on"

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I've got one like yours. 77 with a bad back, and has been practically living at the local art gallery for years. We're happy he's "slowed down" to shovelling snow and building/hauling fixtures around, after his last volunteer career.


When he was 70, it was time to get rid of a massive white pine in his front yard. The town was looking for big tree donations as material for the bandshell they were building. The light went on - donate the tree, they'll cut it down and haul it away for free. Normally, that'd be the end of it, but something happens when retired builders smell sawdust.


Next thing we know, Dad's followed the tree to the construction site, and at 70 is volunteering more hours than the paid builder is putting in. Stumbled onto

while I was doublechecking the year of construction. Dad pops up a couple of times, and most of the photographs are his.


Dad wound up with a hernia from hauling cedar shingles up onto the roof, but it barely registered. Got it fixed after the project ended, and is back to running 100mph as usual. Last time I dropped into the gallery, I met several of the committee members. They all gushed at length about how they didn't know what the gallery would do without Dad. He just beamed. It was a wonderful thing to see.


Sounds like your father's found himself the same kind of niche mine has. If you can keep yours from getting a hernia, you're golden. :)

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ahhh,, so you too have an ENERGIZER FATHER. the " r " in these trannies ain't for Reverse or certainly not Relax.

flat out Race seems more appropriate. when even hernia's won't slow 'em down you gotta wonder ,,,, what the sam elliot are you made of ???

great to see that level of energy at you're age dad but can you do something 'bout the size of those shoes you're wearin'? lol

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