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Fisherman may have been infected by his quarry

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Fisherman may have been infected by his quarry



Monday February 25,




Fishing writer Ross Millichamp remains in a serious condition at Christchurch Hospital with a flesh-eating disease -- apparently after being bitten by a fish. A hospital spokeswoman said tonight the author of the 1997 guide, Salmon Fever, was "still seriously ill".


Doctors are reported to have suggested that he may have been bitten by a fish while fishing for barracuda and blue cod off the coast of Stewart Island last week.


Mr Millichamp, a manager for Fish and Game, was diagnosed with a rare bacterial infection, necrotising fasciitis, after he had to be evacuated from the hunting and fishing trip with friends.


He was reported to have initially experienced flu-like symptoms which turned into pain and stiffness in his shoulder and he was taken by helicopter to Invercargill Hospital.


At Invercargill the infection was diagnosed and surgeons cut out part of the muscle around the affected shoulder area on Monday last week to try to stop the infection spreading.


He was then moved to intensive care at Christchurch Hospital, where he has been unconscious and on life-support, with his wife Ginny by his side.


Necrotising fasciitis can destroy skin and the soft tissues beneath it, including fat and the tissue covering the muscles.


One form of the disease has been reported to occur where wounds are exposed to ocean water or the drippings from raw saltwater fish, including oysters.

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