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I Do Not Believe – More Snow

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I do not believe it. It appears that it will snow and snow. Nothing much happens in Oakville. The weather predictions are nothing but a big tease. But I am tired of all the snow. But our land and rivers need a lot more water. And then we will soon see Arnold (California) at the front door to see our premier about sending him some water. There are reasons for the governor in trying to be friendly with our premier.


I am set. Went to get 2 packs of cigs, cannot run out of food and I have enough gas for the snow blower. The only thing I might run out of are fly tying hooks of a style that I never have used and I want the snow to stop.


Crazy Willie is crazy and always WRONG.


Normally I do not use my blower until it goes over 8 inches or when it is necessary after the town screws up my entrance way to the driveway or the sidewalk cleaner blocks me off. Then I get the blower out and pretend I am Walter Mitty. But probably I will not have to get the blower out cause the snow will be light and I will have the chance to compact the snow by driving my Civic back and forth.


Do not forget, the first good hatch on the UC will be on May 15/8 – my prediction. It will be a bit late this year.


If any of you do not have to drive, stay home. If you have to drive, drive safely and be safe.


And I hope you all will have a great day,







Snow in Oakville


Tue am - 1 - 3 cm

Tue afternoon - 2 - 4 cm

Tue evening - close to 1 cm

Tue overnight - less than 1 cm


Wed – close to 1 cm

Thur - sunny

Fri – close to 5 cm

Sat a trace

Sun close to 5 cm

Mon close to 10 cm

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Snowing pretty good here also, they had the schools closed by 5:30 am.


I do wonder at the logic of sticking all those people in an area that has a known shortage of water, makes about as much sense as letting more people into a country with a known fuel supply problem.


Hmmm, Canadian Lakes bottled water? Buck a bottle? soon to be cheaper than gas? :clapping: you to can supply cheap imports to the USA!

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Nothing in the east GTA either...came down as snow and melted on contact.
Get outside and enjoy it if it starts sticking Cliff... it's not gonna last for ever yanno!Got the new Electronics rigged up on that boat yet?

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