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Dunnville One Last Time

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Just a quick - |Made it out to Dunnville for one last ime this year. The afternoon was bright and sunny, the temperature very agreeable. We fished for about 2.5 hrs, would have like to have been a full day, but we have both been sick for the past week so we had to keep it short.


On Que the fish got very active around 5:00pm, lost two larger agressive fish right off the bat, then I had a suprise, two fresh water clams in a row. Right after that a big old, I believe Red Fin Sucker, ner seen one of those come up the hole in my ice yet but there is a first time for everything. I got a nice 'eye bout 16" 1.5 to 2 lbs, he made it all the way to the frying pan

By this time it was 7:00 and time to go.


Special thanks to everyone at Fishmasters, we had a great time this year, when we were able to get out. The fishing was great and for us much closer then BOQ.


We look forward to next years season already.

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It was awesome meeting both of you 4Reel...


However I will have to say I am extreamly jealous of your Italy trip even though all there is to catch there are carp.


It was a pleasure seeing you guys come in with fish everytime you were out. Look forward to seeing you again once the ice melts.


Cheers and take care of yourselves


Bernadette aka Jen

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