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my first derby

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got up at 7:oo looked outside ,and realized i should be on the ice . anywhere, doesn't matter.


orangeville res. is close , what the heck. threw some gear in the truck and gone.had a 2 o'clock


curfue so it'll have to do .get to the lake and the attendent asks if i would like to enter the derby .


derby , what derby? prizes were half decent for the $20 entry and the largest pike registered was


only 25in. i'm in and on the ice. today being the last day of the derby made my confidence dance.


i've caught bigger there , no problem. after 3 failed attempts at my dead-stick bait these small pike


needed help finding sharpened steel . stinger hooks should do the trick. not 'til 12:30 did i finally get


my 4th suptle hit but the outcome was in my favour.


this fish was quite a spectacle. you know things are slow when guys leave their set-ups to come see a


hammer -handle iced. only heard of one other pike iced all day , at this point ,,, slow day. 1st position 25in


2nd,, 22in and a bit more , 3rd place ,,, 22in and a bit less. my pike ,,21in and a bit . no prizes for me .


i just wanted that shiny new power auger. funny , no perch and only one crappy registered .


no pic's sorry, wasn't expecting this close finish .

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