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World's Largest Catfish?

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Donate the catfish caught to the homeless. More money than the price for that statue gets wasted all the time by politicians. I think most of the funding for this is through donations from local business. I have often said the same thing as you Charlied, but who knows, maybe it will help the local downtown business in Dunnville.


I really haven't formed an opinion on this myself but find the idea of a giant catfish monument somewhat hilarious and makes me think of a warmer more southern town down along the banks of a much bigger more famous muddy river. Maybe this image itself may conjure up more money for the locals and there could maybe be a couple less people on the edge of homelessness because they might keep their jobs.


Well, perhaps....maybe? :dunno:

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LOL, OK so its a catfish..


So there is the big nickle, the CN tower, the big Muskie in LOTW, the Big Apple.. Keep going with idea's there all over the world and people drive to see them.


Fact is the Dunville Mutcat is part of the area, Tax money promotes the The Mudcat festivle that brings more people and moeny into the area. Anything the brings attention to the Grand River is good for me :)


There is always a drive to give to the homeless, give to the needy etc. We do give through our taxes, through the Sally Anne etc. If people want to give too a anything they want... They earned the money they worked hard for it. If they want to light a fire and roast marshmellows over burning money let them.



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