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Fishing for Tyler Report - My ice skunk is off!!

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Well...Bly and I had a blast out there today. Our day started at 5:45 when Fishnsled arrived at our place with his snowmobile in tow. He got some directions on how to get there that would save us a TON of time, so we were hoping to pull in by 7am...just in time for sign in. We ended up driving around in circles somewhere between Richmond Hill and Bradford...then we missed the right turn on Yonge that would take us up to Innisfil Beach Rd. We ended up on the 400. Anyhow, the short cut was great...we got there at 8am...LOL.


Anyhow, Will took us out to the spot one at a time on his snowmobile and he handed me the auger and said to start drilling holes. Bly took a few pics of this momentous moment...haha.



We had great people in our group...here's a few shots....


Of course, my lovely wife Bly....



Beans and Fishnsled's dad....



And of course Fishnsled, being antisocial....



We eventually got Fishnsled to show his face....



We fished in about 80 feet of water hoping for a laker or a whitefish, and although we had a little action early, nothing was landed. After a few hours, Fishnsled did a little touring around trying to find out what was biting and where. A long trip out to where Gerritt was fishing let us know to head his way for some perch!


Here's a few sights along the way....


Someone not having a great day....




A cool looking pressure crack that went on and on and on....



We arrived at the new spot and met up with a few familiar faces!


Wayne...intent on not getting skunked out here!!!



Here's Terry...



Joey lookin great as usual!



After a few more holes are drilled, we set up in around 50 feet of water, jigging for fish...any fish at all...I'm not picky!! Wanye came over, and asked why he cant catch a fish here...I took one look at him and said "Boy are you asking the wrong guy!!" LOL. This was my third time ice fishing and at this point I still hadn't caught ANY fish.


After a few minutes, I feel something on the end of my line...it couldn't be a fish could it? Nah...but wait...there it was again!! I began reeling and was all excited...this thing was a monster!!! Foot by foot the huge fish came closer to the surface. I tell everyone that I've just caught my first ever fish on the ice and everyone came around to see what I pulled in....well, here it is....



That fish came just before the weigh in time, so everyone else started to leave to head in. Since we hadn't caught anything that we could submit, we decided to stay a little while longer. As soon as it was just Fishnsled, his dad, Bly and I, the bite turned on BIG TIME!


Bly went over to Wayne's spot and dropped her line right to the bottom. Within a minute, she had her first fish ice fishing since she was just a kid! Thanks Wayne, you must have chummed the area with your bait there....LOL.



The fish came fast and furious from that point.









We decided to head in around 3pm, hoping that a few burgers might be left over from lunch. Well, pretty much everyone had left, the bbq was put away and the last stragglers were hanging around...LOL. Ee ended up with lots of keepers for the day. We just gotta get busy cleaning them. We'll then us TJ's secret formula and hopefully have a nice fish fry tomorrow.



Another great time at the Fishing for Tyler event...we'll be back again next year!

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great report cliff,

a shame i couldn't make it.

but cliff, you sure do look funny in that pic of you with your first fish on the ice.. looks like a mini cliff or something.. lol



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it was a great day to be out there... and seeing many familiar faces made it that much better...


I did well well on the Perch today... but I have to thank Chuck and Pete as my auger was messed up... (rolled around in the truck for too long)


I limited out out... and had two perch entered in at 10" + it turns out this took 3 place.....


the Perch were pesky as we were looking for something a bit larger... but hey... I will take what I can get... and there is nothing wrong with a few meals of of potato chips... Errrr I mean Perch!


It was nice to see everyone again... here are a few pics...


Don plying his trade...




some of the crew!




and here is an early snapshot







after a couple hours of cleaning.. (clean 5 have a beer)


they are finally done...


be back in a bit... Supper is calling.



I would like to thank Extreme Angler for donating the St.Croix rod I walked away with :thumbsup_anim:



Edited by Gerritt

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Congrats Cliff! Somehow I missed seeing you there today (some of showed up on time you know :whistling: ).


Was a great day and a wonderful event, congrats to everyone involved in setting up, organizing, donating, cooking and just generally making it a fun day.


Started early signing up with every intention of getting skunked


<a href=" Fishing for Tyler Sign in title="Fishing for Tyler Sign in by Sean Maurik, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3004/2286547373_dce9207f62_b.jpg" width="1024" height="768" alt="Fishing for Tyler Sign in" /></a>


PatrickG and I setup in about 30 feet of water near Lexx (he followed us I swear!) and I dropped down the fish tv but nothing much happened for the first 10 mintues so I started looking around the lake, what a nice morning


<a href=" Waiting... title="Waiting... by Sean Maurik, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3013/2287334762_03e7f84231_b.jpg" width="1024" height="265" alt="Waiting..." /></a>


All this time I was banging a jigging spoon tipped in a gulp maggot into the sand. Casually I looked over at the tv to see two large fish staring at my jig. Before I could even say 'what the goonie goo goo are those' one poppped out his little sucker mouth and ZOOOP jig is in his mouth. A fun fight ensued on my perch gear and I landed my first ever white fish!


Unfortunately for some stupid reason I didn't get a picture of him - Lexx did though so I'll have to get it from him. Here's what he looks like right now though


<a href=" Whitefish jerk title="Whitefish jerk by Sean Maurik, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3147/2287336526_5728881339_b.jpg" width="768" height="1024" alt="Whitefish jerk" /></a>


The rest of the day for Patrick and I can summed up like this


<a href=" Relaxing on the ice title="Relaxing on the ice by Sean Maurik, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2104/2287335660_0ce68098fa_b.jpg" width="768" height="1024" alt="Relaxing on the ice" /></a>


Back at the weigh in I found out I had the only white fish (so far) and no one had any trout in. My whitey came in at 22 and 1/2 and I was a little hopeful but knew the laker hunters would be coming back soon and sure enough TonyB trumped me with a couple gorgeous trout. Ah well, second place was fine with me.


<a href=" The Weigh In title="The Weigh In by Sean Maurik, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2111/2286548353_0d51f59b16_b.jpg" width="1024" height="768" alt="The Weigh In" /></a>


Couldn't have asked for better weather, better people or a better cause. Great day all, see you soon and now to enjoy some tasty whitefish!



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It was great seeing you and Bly today Cliff, and thank you for the kind words.


Actually, I was mentioning to Paul on the way home, there were so many people there, it was hard to actually chat with everyone. You'd get to say hi to one person, and then turn around and there was someone else to say hi to, and so on. A really great turn out this year.


We had a great time and I want to thank everyone who took the time to help set this up and cook, etc. And of course a special thanks to Maureen. You outdid yourself this year.


Here are some pics I took of the crew, and I made a special note to take some group shots for you Maureen, for next year when you ask :lol:


Adam and Sandy and their "baby" Dax. It was really great seeing you two again.








Paul and Wayne








And some crowd shots








Paul and I headed back out to try for some lakers after the BBQ and prize ceremony. Thanks for the minnows Bowshep and Aaron :thumbsup_anim:


We didn't end up getting a sniff tho :(


Did anyone see the sunset on the way home??


It looked like the sky was on fire. I took a few pics from inside the truck. Didn't turn out the best, but still, it was breathtaking to see.






Looking forward to next year already.



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Wow looks like a great day folks alot of great pics .


Now Cliff I knew you could catch fish on the ice .Not having

an ice hut kept you from smootchin with Bly :whistling:


Congrats on your first ice Hole Catch. I have to say one thing about the pic

of you with your first ever fish caught through the ice.


The pic some how makes you look like a dwarf your hands look really tiny and then

the tongue look on your face it all came to me.You look like Tatoo from Fantasy Island


Boss the Perch the Perch :P:lol:

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Thanks everyone and great pics!! It was a great day out there....

and I wish I could have had more time to chat, but hey, the fish were on...LOL.


Mike and Kevin...I took another look at that pic and I DO look like a

midget...you cant see it, but because I'm kneeling and holding my arms out

so far it created that effect perfectly. I just hope "Tatoo" doesn't catch on here...haha.


Sean - I was saying to Bly that you had said you'd be there...we'll get together

again for some fishing in the spring. Congrats on the great whitey too!!!


Joey and Gerritt - Thanks for adding your pics and report too...just goes to show

how this board really comes together and has a great time for a great cause.

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Some great photos there! I still think you are the winner of ther derby Tbayboy...I have been trying to catch my first Simcoe whitefish for the last 2 years through the ice and it hasn't happened yet!


I'm sure that fish tasted great...how did you prepare it? Almost looks like a cajun recipe?


Looking forward to next year already!


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I'm sure that fish tasted great...how did you prepare it? Almost looks like a cajun recipe?

I googled the net for how to cook whitefish but came up with nothing easy than remembered I'd bought a package of 'gourmet' fish crip in jamaican jerk flavour a while back so thats what I used. All I can say is DAMN WHITEFISH IS A GOOD TASTING FISH! MMMMM. The jerk was a bit too spicy but now I'm in trouble as I can't go back to perch after that fish :(. Some time we can get together and you can show me how to get lakers and I'll teach all the whitey secrets I've picked in the 20 minutes of whitefish experience I have :)

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