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browning reels at BPS

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Anyone know who makes browning spinning reels?


i swear, when i look at the handle and the bail, it looks a lot like the daiwa's air bail. but since they are cheaper than the daiwas i was thinking of getting one at the spring classic.


any thoughts?

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I was told by one of the counter guys at Bass Pro that Bass Pro actually now owns Browning and they are making all of the BPS gear...he implied that the quality is not very good ever since the take over

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Guest lundboy

The Browning Arms company "licensed" the right for BassPro to exclusively use the name on a line of fishing gear that BP contracts to have manufactured in the orient (China of course).


Browning aludes to this on their website.


You can ask 5 different people at BP about the BPS reels (Browning), or the actual Browning branded reels and you will get 5 different answers.


It is my oppinion that almost all reels are made in no more than one of 3 or 4 factories in Asia, and are "branded" to be whomever orders them. This is why almost all of them, have the same look, features, and innovations all at exactly the same model year. A good example is the lower profile 7.1 gearing on the baitcasters, and the new ultra-slim gearcases on the spinning equipment this year. Even Shimano in 2008 now produces their premier reels in Malaysia, not Japan. (sigh) Don't believe me? Go to your favourite tackle store and compare the 2008 Stradic quality and feel against the same model from 2007 while some are still available, and buy the 2007 model on the spot.


This practice is called ODM for Original Design Manufactruing




Several commodity products are now made this way, Notebook computers are all made in one of only 3 factories. Same for all digital cameras, printers etc.


The way it works:

Huge companies in Asia setup an engineering department to design and manufacture un-branded products... many versions with differing features and price points. These products are put on display at closed trade shows and show rooms, where buyers from HP, Sony, Cannon, etc. walk in and they pick out products based on quantities and specs from these ODM show rooms. They place orders for a quantity, negotiate prices, and get it branded with HP or whomever.


The brand does not mean it was "designed" or "engineered" by the company whose name is on the front. Thats why you are now seeing baitcasters for as low as $45, that all look alike.


That is why engineering and manufacturing jobs are disapearing in the west. But at least we can get cheap inferior gadgets.

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