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Wolves of Haliburton

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It occurred to me after a comment in my other thread that I should expand a bit more about the Wolf shots.


The wolves are "semi" domesticated and trace their roots to Michigan. Its not like what you'd find in a zoo but not entirely free either. They are part of preserve and for the most part are free ranging, limited only by the enclosure that surrounds their 15 acre tract. Human interference/interaction is minimal and is more of a scientific study to observe natural behavior rather than "display" them as what you might find at a zoo.


All shots were taken with a 180mm Macro and through 1 inch of glass.


Enjoying the sun.



Enjoying the shade. Yes, those are bones in the background



Play fighting






Toothy yawn



Black Pup



Yummy beaver



Licking the chops



Repost. Definately not playing around.



If your ever around Minden it's well worth a visit to the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife preserve. The chances are observing Wolves in anything remotely similiar to a natural enviroment are remote at best. Theres alot more to do there as well.

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