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Scotch Connoisseurs?


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i'm to cheap and stick with Bell's, i didnt have hair on my chest till i started drinkin that stuff,

I'm looking for a scotch that will put hair back on my head!

I think the best advice so far is to ask what he likes. It would suck to spend $100 on a bottle only to find him in the garage next summer using it to remove paint off an old muskoka chair.


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I had a bad incident with a bottle of Glenlivet when I was in the Army. Sad result is that virtually all Scotch gives me a gag reflex now. But thankfully there's an exception to the rule:




It's from the Western Isles and has a reputation for being "peaty" and somewhat of an aquired tastte. I have a bottle left over from a trip to Scotland in '94 -- and a buddy of mine who knows I drink the stuff who's still in the Army grabbed on in the US Army PX in Guam (imagine that) on his way home from Afghanistan in '02.


I've seen Laphroaig at LCBO in the past couple years -- didn't notice the price. 10 year and 15 year stuff, I think. I have the 10 year stuff. It's fine. Suits a good cigar and fireplace nicely. Sitting here in the middle of the Southern Ontario blizzard -- I might just do that....


As far as the post about SCREECH goes -- from my time Down East I can tell you -- Screech is fine. I even find it palatable if I mix about an ounce of screech with two litres of lime soda!!!

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Well, thanks again everyone for the great advice...

I think I'll start him off with a mild grade first, buy myself a "peaty" type and get together for a little "family bonding" (gotta stay in the will ya know :D )

Sampled some 12yr. old Glenfiddich yesterday...it's amazing how much better it tastes after the first 2-3 glasses. :wallbash:

Merry Christmas to all!! (we are still allowed to say that right? LOL!)

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After a few scotches, you could give someone paint thinner to drink and they'd never know the difference. Seriously though, Glenfiddich used to be a nice single malt before they got all commercialized, now it's only average. Lagavulin, Glenmorangie, Glenlivet are nice. It all depends on how much you want to spend and whether or not it will be truly appreciated.

I have a buddy who thought he knew all about Cognac, I was giving him Remy VS (nice but average) and had him convinced he was drinking XO (real nice and expensive). It takes a lot of time to refine your tastebuds to be able to notice the subtle nuances between liquors and wines.

Have fun though, it's a blast to try different liquors. We used to hit the Niagara region and hit a dozen wineries or so for tastings, after the last one, I felt bad for the designated driver for the day because we'd all be pretty pickled.

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Surprised nobody mentioned Glen Breton. Single malt, AND Canadian. It's not bad if you like mellow, less peaty whiskeys.




My personal preference runs toward port barrel finished scotch, Glenmorangie and especially Balvenie port finished whiskeys.

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I sampled Glen Breton at the Royal York a few months ago. We were doing well in the Library and looking for a single malt to pass the evening. Barkeep brought us three very small samples of his top three singles. Twas nice, very whisky tasting compared with others. Could be thoughts in my mind playing that trick but I thought it to be a rye tastes

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12yr Delwinnie. 12yr Highland Park. 8=12yr Belvinnie single cask... Yep Glenfiddich is garbage.


And if you are going to mix it Teachers is good enough for you... lol


l would start talking about the 16-18-20 and the 25yr old stuff but l cant afford it so no point in teasing...


Since someone did mention Irish Whiskeys,v Glenlivet 18yr... Bushmills 16 yr... and my favorite 12yr Red Breast

Peace Ken


I just knew it, Ken reeked of gifted skill sets right from the start of his posts...but I couldn't put my finger on it. :worthy: We had to wait for the scotch thread for his talents to surface. B)

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Am I too late? What about a gift certificate?


For myself, I never drank a single malt scotch I didn't like. From Glenfiddich to Glenlivet. Sheep's dip was a good one, but sadly I don't see it on the shelves anymore. I wonder if the name had anything to do with it?


I'm one of those inveterate cigar smokers who always need something strong and fine to sip, as they wreathe themselves in smoke. Bourbon, brandy, cognac, scotch. All of them are fine companions to a good puff :)



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  • 9 years later...

Here's a couple that I enjoy from time to time.


Aberlour 18 YO

Balvenie 15 YO single barrel sherry cask

Glendronach 18 YO

Good taste! Haven't tried any of those but the Balvenie would be great to try. Have also heard good things about the Glendronach 15yr and 21 too.


A few recent ones I've tried that were great:

Glencadam 10

Craigellachie 17

Laphroaig Quarter Cask

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

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I wouldn't say I'm a connoisseur, I'm simply too poor for that. But I really enjoy a good single malt when I can afford it.


Lagavulin 16yrs is fantastic, a bit pricey but worth it.


Just got a bottle as a gift. Haven't opened it yet.


I really like the Aberlour as well. Not fond of the 10 year, but the others were nice.


Buying more Bourbons and Canadian Whiskey now though, cheaper and I enjoy them just as much.

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Buying more Bourbons and Canadian Whiskey now though, cheaper and I enjoy them just as much.

Prices seem to be ever increasing too :(


I haven't found many Canadian whiskies that Ive enjoyed neat. Bourbons on the other hand are excellent. Woodford Reserve double oaked, blantons, four roses single barrel are fantastic.

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