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BFSC Kevin

Keswick fishing/launching?

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Hey there guys,

Looks like friday is going to be decent, so I should be heading out for a afternoon of fishing with a bud..

Will be launching from the keswick side most likely, since it's close for me..

I was thinking of launching from harry's or going to bonnie's?

but how are the conditions?

I havent been there since the summer.. so is the water level low?

how is the launch at bonnie's like? is it a good concrete launch? and what is the cost? i heard its like $20 + $20 parking???!?!


We'll be in seach of some football smallies...if you guys got any tips.. especially around what area.. please pm me!

i've never fished there for smallies but i know there are some to be had for sure...



i promise to post a report if we get anything, with lots of pics!!




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Hey Kev,


Can't help you much in the area you want to fish. I got out yesterday (for my last smally fish for the season) and noticed the river is up about 6 inches from last week, hopefully it will be the same for you. I managed to catch 5 nice smallies in about an hour and a half.


I was using a 1/4 oz. weighted hook with a green/ gold speckled 3" tube. I was fishing 10 to 20 feet of water. The location I went to was the same place I fished in the spring for them.


Had to stop because my bildge pump burnt a hole in itself. Getting that fixed tonight so I can get out again this weekend. I just have to remember where and how to catch the toothy critters as Bass closes here on Friday. It's gonna be a long winter.

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I don't fish that side of the lake much. If I was going after perch, I'd launch in pefferlaw and head out from there. Not sure what the ice situation is there in the canals though, might be iced over. A call to Caseys would fill you in though.



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I would be looking at the wind

Barrie may be the best choice, with the wind


but out from sibbals point park or beaverton to the perch grounds is where I would go

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