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lodging in bay of quinti

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Have a look at this website Bob, it's dedicated to Quinte and should give you the information your looking for in that region.



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Depends on what your looking for Bud........

We have a guest room out back of our property...

It over looks the Trent-Severn Waterway......about 16' off the rivers edge.

It is heated......but just a room.....nice tho....about 13' x 16'..

1 Queen size bed and a 27"TV w/DVD and plenty of home made quilts.....

Unfortunately there is only a bucket to releive yourself in at this time...but I handled it well as did the wife............Now, Now.....not me....the bucket situation as we sleep out there whenever theres company for the night.


We are near 15 minutes from the BOQ at the mouth of the river in Trenton....some 45 min. drive to Picton.


There is ample parking and we only ask a mere pittance to cover the cost of heat is all.

If you've no luck elsewhere shoot me a PM


My Avatar is a pic of the view looking north from the window of this guest room to give you an idea.

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