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Jennifer and I were very sorry to hear that some of you were disappointed with your experience while staying at Merland Park this past weekend. Please know that we are absolutely concerned for the safety and comfort of our guests and we try to do everything in our power to ensure your visit with us is a positive one.




Unfortunately, the timing was not the best as I needed to be out of town this particular weekend. I did schedule three maintenance workers to be on site throughout the weekend in case any major issues needed to be responded to. As many of you know, Merland Park stays open late in the season to cater to our avid anglers but we often run the risk of pipes freezing in the cottages, slippery and even sometimes frozen docks, unpredictable weather which can involve snow storms, high winds and treacherous water conditions which often leads to boats filling with water and incurring major damage. The staff were on site to deal with these potential hazards as well as make sure there was an ongoing supply of wood available for the fire pit, propane for the barbecues, that the fish cleaning station was thoroughly maintained, garbage cleared etc. If at some point, a customer was not attended to properly I apologize and appreciate you bringing it to my attention.




New dockage was added to our waterfront this year to provide seven new boats spaces. We made this effort in order to try and accommodate the growing number of boats per cottage. There used to be a limit of 2 boats per cottage but we recently removed this limit in direct response to customer feedback. Unfortunately, we sometimes run into difficulty when a two-bedroom cottage filled with six anglers, each with their own boat, take up way more space than anticipated. New fees for docking were implemented this year and yes it was an oversight on our part that our website did not reflect this change. Please note that when we refer to guaranteed docking space in our website we mean space will be made available to you – not that it is guaranteed to be free. As changes are made we appreciate your patience as we learn how to best serve you.




As you can appreciate, it was completely beyond our control that the water levels were at a record low this November and this affected our docking spaces significantly. We do, at times, need to respond immediately to docking issues whether this means moving a Merland Park boat without notice so that another customer can park his boat. We always appreciate constructive criticism and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.




As well as new dockage, there have been ongoing renovations being done to some of our older cottages. In the past 6 months, new roofs have been put on, decks painted, new flooring, new kitchen cupboards installed, new tongue & groove woodwork on the walls, new ceramic flooring as well as quite a bit of painting. As most of you can appreciate, this upkeep is an important and essential ongoing process in order to ensure our customers are comfortable.




Another ongoing maintenance issue we try to deal with as best we can is the battle with mice. We do live in the country and as the weather gets cold the mice make their way into warmer surroundings. Housekeeping staff are aware of the problem and are instructed to pay special attention to this when cleaning. However, sometimes the cottages are cleaned and left for two days before the next customer arrives. We now realize this is not sufficient and we will be doing a spot check just before customers check in. Again, unless these concerns are brought to our attention how can we make the necessary changes?




As far as pricing for cottages, the OFC group were all charged our regular weekend rates. There was absolutely no differentiating between customers. On that note, there is a group staying with us who have booked their cottages for 5 – 6 months as they do construction work in town. They were quoted a lower rate because of the length of their stay and because they are staying with us in the low-season. If one of our OFC guests heard that rate quoted they may have been mislead. Other than that, we always strive to treat our customers fairly and make every effort to ensure their stay with us is a pleasant one.




We do take notice of this kind of negative feedback and try to respond immediately. As a rule, we get complimentary feedback, thank you letters and email from customers across Canada and the United States who have come to stay with us at Merland Park. We are a work in progress and we will take this feedback seriously and make any necessary changes to continue to provide our customers with the excellent service they deserve.












Kevin Lavers

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