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And the winners are....

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Shawn (fishindevil) asked me to post the pictures of the winning fish as he was unable too do so from the PM he received....


Here they are!








congrats on the winning fish!



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Thx. all.We had a great time,seeing old friends and meeting new ones.Both of us catching our PB's was just a bonus,Shelley's was 27 1/2 inches,7lb,12 oz,and mine was 8lbs,3 oz,till I got the pig at 30 inches and 11 lbs bang on......As I said it was a great time,other than the Merland's screw up's, but I'm sure it will cost them in the long run...........Hope everyone made the trip home safely,and now we can all pray for cold and ICE,to get us into the next season......TC and tight lines all...........Chuck and Shelley.....

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