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Simcoe smallie report *PICS*

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Well today was a beautiful day if I have ever seen one. Needed to get out, unfortunately, too many people wanted to come. Ah what the hell, 5 people on the boat, I've seen crazier, and the boat is rated for it. We drove up to Simcoe to do some smallie fishin, and I remember why I love Simcoe and why I love smallie fishin. No real big fish today, but enough to keep everyone entertained. Tubes in about 35 feet of water did the job today. We caught fish shallower, but they were all very small, and too many perch nibblin away, deeper was the way to go.



Kelli with a couple



Robyn with her first Simcoe smallie



myself with a couple average size fish.


Like I said, no tanks today, but it sure felt good to get into a few of them. Its not very often that Simcoe is that calm this time of year.

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Hey Mark, what a gorgeous day to be out. Had a bunch of newbies out today, so it was nice to put a bunch in the boat thats for sure. Nice of you to leave some big ones for us though :angry: haha good seein ya out there, two weeks left, im sure we'll meet again.

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