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Quinte 2007 New Boat PB

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Chris, Brett and I headed down to Quinte on Thursday morning to get a jump start on the rest of the guys that would be arriving on Friday and to do some scouting.

Chris has never been to Quinte and his personnel best on walleyes was only 3 lbs , needless to say I told him his first fish would be his new PB.

I was being guide for the weekend so I drove the boat and tried to get the boy's on some quality fish maybe even breaking my PB of 13.9 lbs from a long time ago.


Arrived around noon at Merland Park to snow and cold. Needless to say we were pumped up!




Me ready for the long cold ride.




Headed East of the Ferry and set up in 65 feet of water with 5 rods, 4 off the boards and one leadcore straight down the middle.

As we set the last rod up, one of the outside rods went off and Brett ties into a nice 7 pounder.

A few seconds later the far side board goes off and Chris sets the hook on a good fish. % minutes into the fight there still is no sight of this fish as it stays deep.

I see the fish and congradulate Chris on entering the ten pound club. As the fish gets closer it gets bigger and i net the fish.


We realize then that this fish is a monster and place it on the digital scale where it bounces between 14.9 and 15.4lbs . It settles on 15.0lbs and Chris 20 minutes into the trip has beaten my PB of 40 years!





Chris with his monster again. Chris is a big dude at 6 foot 4 so this fish needs to be judged with this in mind.




We proceeded to go 8 for 10 that afternoon.



The next morning we were back out but a nasty east wind made for cold and bumpy ride. Managed another 4 walleyes and Chris set another PB with a 12 pound grunt. In our boat if you catch a grunt you have to wear the HMCS grunt hat for the rest of the afternoon.


Chris's trophy grunt!









Saturday and Sunday were cold and windy so we decided to get away from the crowds and fish Long Reach.


Breakin Ice to get out!






Fishing was slow with the bright sunny skies but we managed more fish including a 10 and an 11 pounder.







Fish in the Reach came off of Silver and Grey husky jerks 18 feet down in 30 feet of water. Fish east of the fErry came on Deep Down Husky Jerks in Silver and Blue and Purple.

Chris's monster came on a brand new Silver and Blue Deep down Husky jerk that was promptly retired after the fish, to live the rest of its life in the mouth of the reproduction that will be done from Advanced this week.


All in all a good weekend with 18 fish in the boat and many more lost...including a new PB for Chris and me in a way!




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Fantastic report! Can't wait for Friday knowing we should be hitting the "Q" at just about the perfect time! Thanks for the report and info!


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I had a buddy come up here last year for a visit and after 6 hours he broke my PB pike. Was I bitter...? Damn right, most of the day. But was I happy for him too, for absolutely sure I was. That's what it's all about man. Fishing with friends and enjoying every minute of it. Having happiness in yours and your friends success.

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Looks like you guys heading to the GTG and Walleye Tournament are gonna have some impressive catches. Congrats on such a successful trip and the PB's that were caught.

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What a report! Man, you guys have the BOQ G2G folks drooling now for sure! Congrats to both of you.

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