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Kawartha Ski

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Finally got my 15 year old out in the boat again and away from the girlfriend. Beauty day on the water for a change. Trolled for several hours with no luck so we decided to switch lures. I went to a 10" Suick to jerk troll so I cast her out to check the tuning and it felt like I picked up a weed. Nope! A fine heavy 46" ski. Had to cut two trebles from her yap but she made it away just fine. Hope the photo works.


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Nice late season lunge there pal.

I know what it was like to get the boy away from the girlfiend for something 'WE' think a mite more positive

in life but he could have been stuck in front of a video game or worse, staring down the barrell of some Jane/finch (Wherever) gansta!

Good on ya......I say, keep 'em close while you can,

Fishing is one of lifes wonders that make us all equal regardless of the size of your trolling motor or fishfinder.

keep at him.....he should turn out fine............All mine did.

Nice November FishBud...Nice.


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