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Our hunt

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It,s amazing how fast you come down from the high of the opening of the rifle season. Man,nothing but rain and warm temps just made it hard to find them for us.

We started our first day hunt in 47. Opening day is always the best there,but it was not to be this season.


The start of the trail to the bush where we hunt,




Pops and my bro pose for a friendly.




If your wondering about the white hitch hicker thumb pops has there,well,lets just say he now knows to keep it to the side when shoting a crossbow.

15 stitches to fix that learning experince. :wallbash:


The next day we hunt pops back yard,150 acres of prime greens and hard wood.Oh did I say prime.LOL






A shot from pops new house stand.HAHAHAHA




And the sad sight of the deer hanger.




We had two sighting the whole weekend, but no safe shot.


We even thought about using the dogs,well as you can see,we would have to pick them up to get them over the fallen limbs. HAHAHAHA




Acouple other pics to share.








And last but not least,my relaxing time after walking 150 acres each day.




Heres a pics some will remember this hut.Pop still uses it.




Although no kill happened,got to hang out with family,had a great week laughing and having a few cold pops.And the wife got to go to North Bay,in a snow storm.LOL


Well it,s now time to bow hunt. I,ll be out there in the AM.

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succesfull or not, rain and warmth, is still better than not getting out at all, better luck bow hunting


we also hunt area 47, as of yesterday the 4 other guys havent seen anything but a bunch of moose, one buck walked right in front of the camp on sunday afternoon and all they can do is stare at it,


i'll be heading there monday till thursday


good luck

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Sorry to hear you guy's didn't get any. Still better than being at work.

Good luck with the rest of the season.

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Still better than being at work.


I dont know about that. Work seems so much easier.LOL

Na,it,s great to get out and walk the bush and clean out the lunges. First day is hell,but the rest of the week was easy. :canadian:

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got mine yesterday morning

had to wait for a good five minutes before he finally left the doe alone and let her get far

enough away to get a clean shot

and yes I was in full orange when hunting this pic was taken just before we started to field dress it

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Well brian thats too bad about not getting any bambies this year so far !!!. :canadian::dunno::glare: ..hopefully your luck will change,oh well like you said ,lots of excercise & being with family & friends, :w00t: that woods looks like a primo spot for sure!!!!!....cheers bud :thumbsup_anim::Gonefishing:

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Gee Brian...I could have got you a pair of does just by hitting the gas and not the brakes in the laneway Wednesday Night! LOL


Nice post...family time...what it's really all about. You can buy meat at IGA ! :P

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