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BFSC Kevin

Thanks Terry!

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Soooooo.. I ordered the Lowrance 25c on the 5th. Then Terry and I msged back and forth and today he told he finally ordered it too, but he got it at 699.99 instead of my price at 849.88!

So I quickly go give them a call to see if they can credit me back..

first guy I talked to was about to credit my credit card back but then I asked about the taxes too, he said he wasn't sure and transferred me off.

The next lady said that their policy will only allow gift cards for the difference.. blah blah blah.. and was pretty sure I cant get the tax money back since it was our government that charged me that..

so in the end, I will be getting a $149.89 gift cert. from Cabelas.

Oh well. Atleast that means i spent only $850 USD on it shipped.. yay!

thanks Terry!


So.. now what do i want to buy for $150 at cabelas... hmmmmmmm...

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yeah we can buy a map chip for free..life is good

Edited by Terry

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