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Weekend report

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Well this weekend past we headed up to West Lake Willows, where we spent the duration of our trip... our arrival is approximately 2 Friday and an hour after our arrival we head out to the whats his name for some mallards... The first evening hunting wasn't too bad seeing lots of mallards and having enough come within range and get folded up, well every once in a while...we ended up with five the first evening... both mallard Drakes and Hens and a Green winged Teal...

this was after the first little while... and the sun was damned bright, hard to keep my eyes open...


here are a few more pics from the afternoon hunt... In the pictures are myself, my little brother and my grandfather, who introduced me to the beautiful world of hunting and fishing at age four...




The next day we had a similar hunt and here is the outcome...




And the neat shot...



Unfortunately the fishing wasnt as good... we managed 4 sheepies, and one 'eye, maybe 5 lbs on the BOQ... which my grandfather got, and it was his PB as he didnt do too much big walleye fishing in the past, mainly pan friers..



Decided that the fishing on the BOQ just want enough so opted for some night fishing at around 10 or 11 for an hour or so... we managed a couple pike and I got a nice pan sized eye which we ate today, along with some other walleyes from a previous trip...



unfortunately as I said the fishing could have been better but we lost too many... landing 5 of 9 or so having two snap off, and another 3 or four not connect... Great weather and a memorable time with my grandfather, which wont be forgotten...

Hope you all enjoyed the report,



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Nice hunting/fishing report bill !!!!! :clapping::whistling: sounds like alot of fun,doing both in the same day...well you will bea eating good for s while.....birds & fish,great combo....and nice pics as well..i used to love going fishing with my grandfather too...great to see famlies that can do all those outdoor activities together :canadian:B) ,it makes for great memories....thanks for sharing bill...cheers :thumbsup_anim::Gonefishing:

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