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I have a couple of questions about roofing that I'm sure some one can help me with.


Drip edging - Should the end result give you a straight edge or can you expect some warping?

Shingles - Should the plastic film that protects the shingles from sticking together during shipping be removed or will it breakdown with the heat of the sun?

Roof vents - Should the flashing of the vent be fully supported or are you OK with particle support? ie Hole for vent is bigger then the vent itself leaving about half of the flashing not being supported by wood. I hope this makes sense. I've done a very poor drawing to help show this.




Ice Dam protection. - Should it go to the edge of the roof or wrap around a bit with the drip edging?


Thanks in advance for your input.

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Well I will see if I can help here some.


I am assuming you are redoing the roof and not starting new so you can expect not to have a perfectly straight line for your drip edge.


Your roof vents should be ok with some support as long as the is some there and not too little a couple inches should be ok depending on the vent.


Ice dam goes on after the drip edge and should be cut about 1/4" short of the edge of your drip edge.


As far as the plastic on the shingles I am not sure of what brand you are using but if they are BP or Iko just peel them apart and nail em on..



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