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Gbay hunting and Haliburton fishing

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Hey all, I got out last week for a few days to the haliburton area to fish for some bass. Was booked at kashaga lodge on lake kashawigamog....what a mistake...In the passed 6 years I have been to over 2 dozen different lodges and I have never been this discusted....Not one to rant but this place and the owner were something else. I talked to the owner of the "lodge" on the phone many times before heading up and he would keep me on the phone for almost a half hour...I thought he was just freindly....oh no i was wrong...We arrived on wed and unloaded all of our gear into the most dirty rodent infested unkept cottage ever, but me and my buddy thought we would make the best of it. Half hour later the Dude comes to our room and tells us " that theres no way we are taking guns out of his place to duck hunt" and started freaking out screaming...My buddy and I were in shock. I told him on the phone that we were coming up to hunt and fish..I kept my cool until he started bad mouthing me and the sport I have loved since I was a child when I use to go out with a father...Then I gave him a peace of my mind.. Must hate hunters .what a way to start a trip :wallbash: We loaded all of our gear back in the truck and went to a motel down the road....The nice peolple at the motel told us they have people come from kashaga lodge all the time unsatisfied with the cabins and the owners attitude..So needless to say I dont recomend that lodge....We made the best of the trip and enjoyed the great weather...we caught some bass but only a few with any size and my buddy nick had a 20lb + ski spit the hook on a jump....the big one got away...lol...Here is a few pics from the scenery and a couple fish....also threw in a few pics from up at point au baril a few weeks ago...

some crazy fog from Gbay


a couple snipe that we had for dinner


me and a couple grouse wearing my fav shirt....lol


a curious fox




A nice 4lb taged largie I pulled off some deep wood


thats my first taged fish...heres a pic where you can see the tag on its back....pretty cool


a 3lb smallie came on a grub


nice colors on the northern smallies



We had a great time on both trips.TheGreat outdoors with good buddy....cant beat that.....All fish were caught on senkos , grubs and jerkbaits....the muskie my bud lost hit a big bucktail spinner ...I cant belieave I couldnt pick up a fish on a tube....lol. I hope to get out to quinte next week and ill be sure to post my report....

goodluck on the water

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Yeah I've heard some negative feedback about that place before... but that is totally unreal.

Nice report though and it sounds like you made the best of a bad situation!

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I'm not surprised at your experience with Kashaga lodge. I used to live right across the road from that place and had to listen to his son rip around on a souped-up snowmobile every night. The guy is definitly a character.

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Great report and pics! Sorry to hear about that lodge though....man...that must have just sucked big time!


At least you made the best of it and had some success on both the hunting and fishing. Great pictures!

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