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Where are we and what are we doing?

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Hi Guys;

Let me tell you a little about what Buck and I are up to at this time of year.

In the Winter we live in a trailer in Yuma Arizona. Although there are dozens of Trailer Parks around the city, we are on a regular street.

Buck_in_shade.JPG This is my place.


That__s_me__in_the_back.JPG That's us way in the back...grin.

The property is my parents and they have a Winter home down here as well. Their place is on the right in the picture above.

My_Street.JPG This is our street.

Most of the houses around here are basically trailers. Unlike mine, they aren't something that could be towed, they're more like prefab houses that are assembled on your lot. Some are single wides, 12x60 and others are double wide. The double wides are 1000 to 1600 sq.ft. and look like regular single story houses. The lots are quite large, usually 75' or 80' by 100', because they're designed to accommodate a double wide and a motor home. Some of my neighbors arrive by motor home and then use it as a guest house when they have visitors, other folks park a 30 or 40 foot trailer, like mine, on their property for their company.

It's still very hot down here, 95-100 everyday. The humidity is low, so it's not quite as bad as it sounds, but 100 degrees is hot anywhere!

The evenings are cool so it's no problem to sleep.

Next month it will start cooling down and it will be nicer to be out in the boat etc.


So far our fishing has been limited to a local pond.


Between March and November this pond is stocked with Channel Cats.


Notice that they're gray, not gold like the wild ones...

In December, January and February they will put Rainbows in the pond. According to the Fish and Game people there are Bass in the pond too, I've never seen one, but I've seen plenty of bait stealing Sunfish...grin.

There are many types of Catfish baits for sale down here. Some are soft pellets, about the size of Halloween candy kisses. They come in bags. Others are pastes. Generally they are called stink baits. They come in tubs like margarine. To hold the bait on there are special hooks with springs wound around the shank that work well with the firmer pastes and pellets, and snelled hooks with plastic tubes and sponges attached. The hooks are pushed into the softer pastes to fill the tube. These baits slowly melt in the water.

I usually just buy chicken livers at the supermarket...75 cents a pound...they work as well as anything else. They are hard to keep on the hook, so I wrap small pieces of the raw meat in nylon mesh, to make something like a roe bag. The midgets still manage to steal the bait but it slows them down a little...grin.


There's a Boy Scout Jamboree at the pond this weekend, so Buck and I will stay home and watch the baseball and football games. I'll try to have new pictures and something interesting to report next week.


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Holy crap...I think I drove by your place yesterday...LOL

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No word on the boat yet. I can't seem to connect with the adjuster. Why is it being handled out of Toronto???

Part of the problem is that I don't have a phone down here. Plus, things are complicated by the three hour time difference.

Why they don't refer me to someone local baffles me.


On a happier note;

Yes, it is a nice area and the weather is great.

Beep_Beep.JPGSome of the native species remind you of cartoons...grin.


Dick___Buck.JPGI have a fishing buddy who is from B.C.

We get out in his boat once in awhile.

Fortuna_Pond_Monster.JPG Buck likes the year round swimming.

If I do get home sick for snow and ice etc, I just stick my head in the freezer until the feeling goes away...It doesn't take long...grin.


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Looks like a great way to spend the winter, I can only wish to get away like that. Wouldn't miss the cold or snow at all.

Cool picture of the roadrunner.

As for Insurance companies, there like the government, got have there money right away, but when it's time for them to pay, they take there sweet time.

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