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Deer Lake Park

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I got a fairly late start on the day today so I just hit up Deer Lake Park in nearby Burnaby for some pics. It was overcast and most of the leaves are off the trees but I still tried to make the best of it and here is what I came up with......


The start of the trail just outside of the parking lot



Another section of the trail or walkway.....this pic took a while to take because there were so many people and with such a long stretch of trail it takes a while for the people to get out of the shot and by the time they do another group is walking into it.....kinda frustrating but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do



The wooden walkway ends eventually and a gravel one begins.....this is one of the first fields you go through on the gravel trail....and its also tied for my favourite picture I took today



Now this shot is of the Deer Lake with the North Shore mountains in the distance.....



Here is a panoramic photo of almost the same area



While walking through a forested area I heard that magical sound I love hearing......the sound of flowing water....



And now for my other favourite picture of the day. This is a closeup shot of the previous picture but from above. The leaves in the photo give it the autumn look I was going for.



hope y'all enjoy dems pikchers

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Great pics as always Brandon. The orange leaves on the ground add so much color to a pic. Nice boardwalk there, and the sound of running water is always an opportunity for a photo OP.

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