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More snow shots

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Today I took the day off because I just really didnt feel like working so I went hiking instead. I headed up to the first pump peak of seymour.......nothing too great in this batch but check'm out


This was taken from the Deep Cove Lookout on the drive up the mountain. The sun is above Mt. Baker, Washington while the Burrard inlet sits below a blanket of fog.



Here is just a HDR panoramic photo looking west



Here is a shot of Vancity.......man it felt good being so far away from that place instead of working there for a change....also in this photo....Vancouver Island



And this is my fav pic of the day. Dog tracks in the snow near a solo tree with the mountains of the East in the background



Here is the same scene as the previous one but I went for the christmas tree look.......a natural star



I came across this Raven up at the peak...



....so I took a few pics of him then i got the "oh no you didn't" look from him/her...im guessing a her cuz women are more prone to that look.....no offence intended ladies.....i wish the pic wasn't cut off but i think I still captured the message this Raven was giving me....



and with that she took off..



man I love "sick" days.......


hope you guys enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed taking them

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Yup some more great shots, love the natural Christmas tree. I get this feeling we're very much alike when were wandering around taking pictures, always looking for that little something that will make the picture unique.

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Yeah Deano I think adding that extra little detail really spices up a picture. Sometimes just the slightest composition change is all it takes......and of course an open mind

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