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BOQ - Long Reach Oct 25/07

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Thursday was such a nice day and when I called Laker John to talk about the different posts to the board, he said -'Let's go!" OK said I and we loaded the Explorer and headed out to pick up his boat.


We launched at Shermans and talked to some anglers who were trying Quinte for the first time, they were looking for ideas and hopefully we gave them good info.


We started fishing in Long Reach at 1345 and we marked a LOT of fish. The wind was from the North-east and wasn't too much trouble trolling against it.


There were a number of boats fishing around the yellow marker between Thompsons and Shermans. We trolled back and forth from Grandfathers Cove to the Big Willow tree.


We were changing lures with each trolling pass and finally the reel screamed and I was able to land a real nice 26 inch fish. The fish hit a 3/4 oz. Power Dive Minnow - one of my favourites.




As we were marking all kinds of fish, the decision was made to stay put and work these fish. Several passes later the planer board acted rea funny and the reel clicked several clicks - not the reel screamer!!!!!! Laker John's turn at the reel and he landed a nice fish that will grace his table.




We're not skunked again we said- we have been most fortunate to get fish almost every time we're out together.


We were getting these fish trolling down-wind and wondered if we would ever get one going into the wind, around 1615 the planer board went sideways and the reel clicked away. My turn to fight the fish and we netted another fine fish for the table.




We had another strike on a turn into the wind but the hooks failed to set and we reeled in just the lure.


We called it a day at 1800 and headed back to the ramp.


Total for the day was three for four - a good batting average in anyones league. We had another nice day - temp around 11 degs.


The water temp in Long Reach was 54.7 degs - those cool clear nights are driving the temp down - good to see.


Hard to say when the next visit will be - Stay Tuned.

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Thanks for the Quinte updates David, you've got those fish dialed in again this year.

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:thumbsup_anim: good to see your still posting these great reports, havn't been active on the quinte board in awhile, see ya down there soon


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Nice catch david !!!!!!! :w00t: glad to see you got out again this week bud,man it looks nice in those pictures,you got some real decent sized fish for sure,i will be there real soon,its good to see the water temps dropping too, thanks for the report david ....cheers :thumbsup_anim::Gonefishing:

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