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more shots

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These two I took today and had questions about.


It was windy out and the trees were swaying.You can see in the left corner the 2 trees just don't right.I used the ghost image tool but still didn't turn out right.Can this be corrected with more tweaking or was the movement just too much?


In this one you can see the problem on the left side.What happened and how can I fix that?Still learning as I go so any tips/feedback are welcome.Here are a few more I took today.





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Best thing is not to get any closeups of trees on windy days. I take advantage of non-windy days. For windy days, shoot farther landscapes, keep trees or anything thats moving slight in the background. I might get a bridge in foreground with the trees in the background. They don't show up as much cause they will be blurred a bit anyways.

As for your second picture, sometimes I'll eliminate one pic of the three or five, if it's the only one with the glare. I've used 2 pics a few times, they turn out pretty good.

Another thing i've found is sometimes the HDR pic turns out a little blurry, i'll go back and generate it but this time uncheck the align pictures, because I know the pics are already aligned and then they won't be realigned.


I like the 3rd one, I also like getting pics from water level. Keep em coming. Hopefully they'll be more replies as mine are my findings, like to see what others think.

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