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lake turn over How can I tell?

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Notice I mentioned Pickeral and not Walleye? :thumbsup_anim:


My fishin bud and I are fishing Gull Lake (north of Sturgeon Falls) this weekend and we were talking about lake turn over, and how we could tell if the lake has turned over, or Not..


Is it as easy as taking different thermocline temperature's and hoping that they relativelly match at the various depths to determine the lake has turned over?

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Gull lake eh?

They still pulling big ones out of there? I fished it once back in the early 80's, it was known for producing big ones then...

As far as turnover goes, I'd say yeah for sure it's turned over by now.

Was talking to a buddy in Port Loring earlier this week and their lake turned already and you're north of that, so...

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