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BOQ - Fall Eye Hunting Oct 22

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Laker John and I picked the best day(weather-wise) to head out and troll the Adolpus Reach and search for the pods of those eyes.


We trolled from Three Amigos Shoal eastward and criss-crossed looking for fish. We couldn't locate any large schools of bait-fish but we hit a nice 6lb fish over by the lighthouse on the north shore on a TDD-11, Purple essence (SP) just before Noon.




We continued trolling and just past Prnyers Pt, the flat-line rod bent and I was able to land a nice 5lber. We were flat-lining a Yo Zuri R540 (purple) back about 240'




We were watching the three boats all trolling near the Upper Gap on the Reach side and we had a most unusual strike. We were in the midst of a turn and inside board stopped and was almost flat in the water, when it started to move away from the boat and then the reel screamed and we had another hit. Again the TDD 11- Purpleessence


Laker John fought this and was very careful bringing in this one. The fish was pulling very hard and we thought it might be another of the pesty sheepshead, but as hte fish appeared at the surface we could see it was Mrs Walleye, into the net, a quick pix and a quick visit to the scale and back in the water. Our first double digit of the fall season - 10 lbs even.




We headed back to Thompsons Pt around 1600 and made a couple passes around the Yellow Marker - marked lots of this in that area.


Back to the ramp at 1715, total for the day was six fish landed, 3 walleyes and 3 sheepshead and one lost strike.


Wecould not have picked a better day with the winds and the sun - it was a Beautiful day and most productive.


Stay Tuned

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Great fishing report david !!!!!!! :clapping::whistling: awesome day on the water,and some really nice quinte hogs to show for it,good-shootin, :w00t: ...keep up those reports david,i will be heading there very soon, take care cheers :thumbsup_anim::Gonefishing:

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Nice going David, look like you boys had a great time. Ain't it nice now to be able to wear a t-shirt out there in October! Looking forward for more reports from ya this season. Especially since I won't be able to head up there until the Spring, at least I hope I can. Good luck.

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