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Found 1 result

  1. Ive been recently thinking about how to go about chatting hockey again with some of you guys. I miss chatting leafs with the boys but for obvious reasons the previous hockey thread got shut down. So I am opening a new thread for leaf fans exclusively. (please feel free to open your own thread much the same for whatever team you enjoy following) I am doing so with the idea of self monitoring this thread specifically, if any form of negative comments is made by non-fans or any personal discussion is brought up I will be reporting the posts to the admin for deletion no questions asked. Leafs chat only, by fans. Intellectual conversation is a must! You may feel free to gripe about the leafs as a fan (lord knows I do) but any generalized chirping, negativity etc will be reported for deletion immediately. I know there's a lot of Dubas haters amongst the leafs fanbase...but his most recent moves have been insanely good Ill start it off, Engvall signed for 2 years at a AAV of 1.25...an absolute steal Acquiring campbell and clifford for next to nothing...and specifically campbell with leftover term and a low low cap hit is incredible work. Leafs currently sit in a playoff position even with florida's game at hand. 2 games left vs the panthers this year...you literally no matter what need to split the remaining games. You cant give florida 3 points either. Basically the leafs are playing in a 4 team league for 20 something games from here on out. You need to finish 2nd or better out of Philly, Carolina, Florida, and columbus...and honestly if you cant manage to pull that off you dont deserve to be in the show anyways.
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