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Found 3 results

  1. I am begging for your best Splake fishing tips for big water in the spring....not your hot spots, just how to catch them...and thanks in advance.
  2. 2014 was a bumpy ride. I lost a co-worker and friend to cancer, almost lost the farm, was diagnosed with a hernia and what the doctor described as extreme carpal tunnel in both hands, plus as usual I had way too many projects on the go. Looking back I have been lucky to get in a few great outings during 2014. Every year I set new fishing goals. This time it was getting some trout on the fly rod that sits in the corner of my office collecting dust. The other was catching some of those carp that have been breaking me off while fishn for crappie this spring. Goal 1: TROUT ON THE FLY About 5 or 6 yrs ago I was handed a handsome bonus from work and decided to blow it all on a new 5wt Sage fly rod and reel that looked nice and shiny to me. 5 or 6 yrs later and you still wouldn't want to be anywhere close to me while I'm expertly tying wind knots with this thing. This year is it...the year of the fly. So far its trolling streamers quite well. lol First trip of the spring would be for speckled trout. First I almost lost the truck to some type of quick sand shiz. Then I had to chop through giant pines scattered across the road with dullest ax known to man. Then I had to convince myself that I was not having a heart attack as I climbed the never ending hill loaded down with all my gear. The result.....My biggest speck yet on the fly rod. Second one at 22 Brought one home for the table along with some fresh wild garlic. Second trip of the spring was for splake. The weather was looking foul but after the previous trip I was itching for more trout on streamers. I rolled out of the gates heading for a favorite hump and on the first pass, wham! First splake on the fly rod. 15mins later and I was into second nice sized splake. The only problem was the little electric could not compete with the building wind. With couple smaller splake and a bass released I decide to call it before the random 50km gust sunk my ship. Unfortunately that would be it for trout trips this summer. Squeezed in a quick evening trip for walleye with Bunk but found the lake was not yet ripe with the late spring. Although a tough bite I did manage to catch one decent eye. Finished an over due project between outings. While at the locale clinic for an earache the question popped up. Doc-Whats your family doctors name? Me-Its been yrs since I've had one. Doc-Would you like me to be yours? Me-Sure. Time for my first physical in years. lol Turns out the hearts O.K. I have an umbilical hernia and carpel tunnel in both hands or extreme carpel tunnel as the lady in neurology described it. With all the bad news I decided on some comfort food for my heightened state of emotion and a few episodes of........ CARPEL TUNNEL CARPING!!! Most importantly chum the desired area and don't forget a little comfort food like some Chubby Chicken. Carping was hot, humid, and just plain sweaty awesome. Major reel peel as these fish tear off! Reminds me of salmon as you just sit there and let them do that initial run while watching your reel and wondering if it has enough line. Only thing better than comfort food is snuggling up in your own favorite carp blanket. I decided if I was going to catch the general, I would need to change tactics. Goal number 2.......Terminated! Ended the last month of the summer working on the house and even got in on the fall muskie hunt with Bunk. A true stand up type of fisher bud offering me first fish and netting me the only muskie of the trip. For the the first time in yrs I did not visit the locale trout lakes in the fall but instead used up some Air Miles on a last minute bucket list trout trip. A trip that will deserve its own report now that I have caught up on the rest of 2014.
  3. Hey All, I was thinking that with the potential for late spawning of Pike & Walleye on our home lake, we may try to target splake (& rainbow) to give the P & W a break for opener. Lake is in zone 15, mid size with a large 60' deep bowl, with lots of transition & structure. Lake is fed by 2 small rivers. We have marked a lot of deep fish in summer & early fall which may back up the stocking information I have found on line. Splake: 2004- 5,000 yearlings 2005- 4,000 yearlings Rainbow: 2005- 4,000 yearlings 2001- 2,000 yearlings Lake Trout 2001- 1,200 17 months RP clip 1966- 2,500 yearling Our lake is 'lightly' fished (busy day would see 3-4 other boats) and walleye, pike & bass are abundant. I have never seen or talked to any other fishermen who target splake or rainbow. So as I mentioned, I would like to target splake/rainbow starting the middle of this month into early June. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. - lures/bait - presentation - trolling speed if applicabe - line recommendations - depths or structure to target - any/all advice Thx in advance, Simon
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