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Found 2 results

  1. Our primary use would be two guys accessing small back woods lakes to go fishing and fishing from it. We could encounter all sorts of stuff; muskeg, weeds, ice on the lake deep snow, just about anything you can imagine and stuff I wouldn't even try to take my ATV through. My son has been wanting one for years now but I've had some concerns: Can you drive it where you would normally drive an ATV, i.e down the shoulder of the road (where ATVs are permitted). Just how good/or bad would it be to fish from once you reach the lake. I realize that it would be a lot slower going down the road than my ATV would be but how is the ride? If you owned one, did you get as much use out of it as you thought you would before you bought it? If any of you have owned/used one I would really appreciate any and all feed back, 6 wheel, 8 wheel, tracks or not..... I have been reading everything I can find on them, some reviews are great, some not so (I wonder if some of the really good ones are biased). One thing I do know is that any reviews I get from you guys are going to be honest! It seems that there were a lot of improvements made in the 2019 models, they all sound to be really progressive, improvements to the steering, instrument panel. Any questions I should be asking? This would be a big investment for me so any help would be much appreciated!
  2. Hey all, looking for information/feedback from anyone that has tried their accommodations and lakes. Cheers, Frank
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