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Found 1 result

  1. Last summer we started to look at possibly buying a cottage and mainly considered Head L or Rush L. When nothing on those 2 lakes met our criteria, we expanded the search to include Mitchell Lake. We did go out and look at one and were happy with it, but it ended up going off the market before we could take a closer look. One of my criteria is that the water is deep enough off the dock for the kids to fish, but also clean enough for swimming. That cottage seemed to actually have that....which shocked me because the one time I fished Mitchell it was like a 3 foot deep bog. The cottage is located in a bay way at the far end of Mitchell, there is a dam down there. I think you have to go through a small channel to access that bay, and the time I fished there we never went that far. Were my eyes deceiving me? (is that bay weed infested like the rest of the lake?) or is there actually some decent water down there for the kids to enjoy. I know this is a pretty specific question but if anyone has knowledge of that area please respond either here or pm!
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