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Found 8 results

  1. Hey Everyone I recently got a new Humminbird Helix 7 G3N MSI as a Christmas gift. I've been doing some poking around for mapping information for my area. I mostly fish the Ottawa river, around Ottawa, petrie island to be specific. So far I've only really seen either Humminbird lakemaseter or Navionics, I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's a way to get a few specific areas on a chip for my unit. I ask because Navionics is expensive and only way to get it is for all of Canada and if I'm only going to use it for eastern ON and a bit in QC it's too much to justify. As for the humminbird lakemaster it is closer to my price range but then I'm limited to ON lakes and I do fish in QC enough that I would like to have lakes there mapped to if possible. I'm looking for eastern Ontario and south western Quebec. In Ontario I fish a lot in the Rideau river/lakes, Perth, Tay Valley, Lanark Highlands, Ottawa River areas and then in Quebec it'd be Gatineau river, Val-des Mont area. If it's not possible to get a chip specific to my area I'm going to go with the lakemaster chip but I figured I'd ask and see if anyone here has any tips. Thanks guys
  2. Hey Guys, Would there be interference if I mounted 2 different transducers approximately a few inches away from one another? Or on the same transducer board? One would be a Mega SI transducer and the other would be the HD SI transducer. Or is it possible for a Helix 7 Chirp G2N to read the 2D sonar reading from a Mega Chirp transducer from a Helix 9 G3N? Both of the units are chirp and use the same frequency when using the 2D sonar and they would be networked together at the console. Any info would be appreciated as I haven't been able to find anything. Thanks guys.
  3. Hey guys, my question is, should I wire the graphs into the fuse box of the boat or should I direct connect them to the crank battery? I have just enough space for everything on the fuse box however I've read conflicting reports that when starting the motor it may or may not cause the graphs to power down. If I do connect the graphs to the box what gauge wire should there be from the battery to the fuse box as it would be full at that point. I'm unsure what I should do. If I go the battery route, that would be three graphs and an on-board charger on the crank. Is that too many things? Any info is helpful as this is my first attempt.
  4. Hey guys, my old man has an alumacraft trophy 19 deep v boat and took advantage of a Black Friday sale to get a new Humminbird unit with side imaging. his previous 798 unit was having some issues with gps and imaging where his one side image beam would just not read at all. anyways, long story short, being the overthinking panicker that he is, he has now convinced himself that his side imaging won’t work with his boat because his motor is going to be in the way of the beam. can anyone here that owns a deep v boat with a side imaging unit on it please confirm for me two things, 1. How you mounted your transdeucer and 2. Does your side imaging work without having to trim your motor entirely out of the water. I know this seems ridiculous but of course he doesn’t trust what I have to say because my boat is a bass boat so according to him they are “nothing alike”
  5. So I did it, Terrova, I pilot link, Hummingbird, Auto Chart Pro, Only problem no network cables in Ontario for walleye season. Spot lock....sorry no cables.....
  6. I was wondering if anyone has experience networking Humminbird units with the Terrova and Ipiot link? In a nutshell I have upgraded my trolling motor to the terrova with US2 and Ipilot link. I have also bought the HB 899 HD SI Di. My question is this. With the Terrova having built in Dual Beam Sonar I was thinking to use the 899 at the console and purchasing another unit for the bow to hook up with the terrova and network with the 899. I was hoping to use the follow contour feature of the ipilot link as a main way of navigating hands free with the terrova, so I have also purchased the Autochart program for mapping the lakes (kawarthas mainly), as the ipilot link will only follow contours from lakemaster chips. Does anyone have any advise on what unit would be best for the bow of the boat? Thanks in advance for your thoughts, Dave P.S I will make the charts available to members as I complete them
  7. Hey everyone, So I was away at a cottage this past weekend, took my 89 ranger boat out, fished for a bit, got lost on the water and ran out of gas lol (I laugh now because I survived)... Luckily I had a trolling motor and the lake wasn't too huge. This made me realize I need some form of gps on board. So, I'm just wondering people's thoughts on a good starter gps that would go on my dash. I'm not looking to spend a fortune on this but obviously I want it to be reliable. From what I understand most of the units out there these days are gps + fish finder or other things (which is fine) and it seems like most people have Lowrance or Humminbird (although which is better seems like a chevy vs. ford conversation). So my questions are: What do you recommend or use? Do both companies offer packages with everything you need or do you have to buy each piece separately? Do both allow you to link to another unit? eg.1 at the bow. How hard is it to install/setup? - I know how to use tools but have no experience when it comes to boats. Any help is appreciated Thanks!
  8. Last season I used a PiranhaMax 160 portable for ice fishing since I picked it up really cheap. With this unit I could see my jig down at 100ft (even my swivel above) so it worked ok. I am looking at the Humminbird 570 right now since I it looks like I can pick one up for $100 and put it in my portable pack to replace the 160. The plus I think would be the larger screen and much higher resolution. Question, what makes the "ice" models better for ice fishing? I know they have the special transducer, but this is no worry to me as I have the other one "rigged" up. Looking at a few models: Model Display Colour Greyscale Vert Hor Power Transducer PiranhaMax 160 4” no 4 level 160 128 800W Dual 60/20 Humminbird 570 5” no 12 level 640 320 2000W Dual 60/20 Humminbird ICE 345C 3.5” 256 TFT 320 240 2400W Dual 60/20 Lowrance Elite 4X 3.5” 256 TFT 320 240 2100W Dual 60/20 So looking at the specs, aside from the colour vs. greyscale (and TFT screen but I use mine almost always in the heated hut).......... the 570 should work just as good no? Maybe I am missing something? Thanks!! Burt
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