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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Everyone I recently got a new Humminbird Helix 7 G3N MSI as a Christmas gift. I've been doing some poking around for mapping information for my area. I mostly fish the Ottawa river, around Ottawa, petrie island to be specific. So far I've only really seen either Humminbird lakemaseter or Navionics, I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's a way to get a few specific areas on a chip for my unit. I ask because Navionics is expensive and only way to get it is for all of Canada and if I'm only going to use it for eastern ON and a bit in QC it's too much to justify. As for the humminbird lakemaster it is closer to my price range but then I'm limited to ON lakes and I do fish in QC enough that I would like to have lakes there mapped to if possible. I'm looking for eastern Ontario and south western Quebec. In Ontario I fish a lot in the Rideau river/lakes, Perth, Tay Valley, Lanark Highlands, Ottawa River areas and then in Quebec it'd be Gatineau river, Val-des Mont area. If it's not possible to get a chip specific to my area I'm going to go with the lakemaster chip but I figured I'd ask and see if anyone here has any tips. Thanks guys
  2. Hey everyone! Actually i was looking for a fishing equipments and someone told me about the fishfinder and ask me that it is one of the best fishing equipment. Is this true? Should i use fishfinder or i should go with some other fishing equipments. looking for the recommendations? Thanks in advance. Waiting for your response James adams
  3. Hey everyone, So I was away at a cottage this past weekend, took my 89 ranger boat out, fished for a bit, got lost on the water and ran out of gas lol (I laugh now because I survived)... Luckily I had a trolling motor and the lake wasn't too huge. This made me realize I need some form of gps on board. So, I'm just wondering people's thoughts on a good starter gps that would go on my dash. I'm not looking to spend a fortune on this but obviously I want it to be reliable. From what I understand most of the units out there these days are gps + fish finder or other things (which is fine) and it seems like most people have Lowrance or Humminbird (although which is better seems like a chevy vs. ford conversation). So my questions are: What do you recommend or use? Do both companies offer packages with everything you need or do you have to buy each piece separately? Do both allow you to link to another unit? eg.1 at the bow. How hard is it to install/setup? - I know how to use tools but have no experience when it comes to boats. Any help is appreciated Thanks!
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