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Found 1 result

  1. Since I've moved into my new house, it's been nothing but extremes. Either working extremely hard or having way too much fun. TV is no longer a part of our household and therefore the firepit has become our new viewing screen. My main objective is to prepare enough wood for the coming winter season; I know its late to get started so I'm trying that much harder. A new chainsaw, $300 three wheeler, my trusty Mazda Truck, several axes and splitters have become my new best friends, although the saw has a terrible attitude and I get the feeling it's in a bad place in life, it just keeps breaking down. I build a holz hausen (round house) to dry my wood quicker. I'm separating the remaining split pieces into single cords on pallets. This is the first time in years I yearn for a drought....dry wood, dry! As per one of my last topics, I DID "lease" out my land to a hunter. I really lucked out with this guy as he has a very good reputation and infact has been on hunting shows on WildTV. He only wants bear, a game I'm not yet interested in. After many meetings, phone conversations and on-going emails, we came to a written "barter" agreement clearly stated out expectations. I don't even have my hunting license yet (sept 22 I'm booked in) so its a perfect time to try this out...although I'm hoping we can make this a long term thing, as does he. So far, I've seen a fisher, several partridge, bear cubs, deer and tons of rabbits on the property. It's total heaven here; so much mixed forest, most of it very dense and completely unexplored. I also managed to find the river, which is quite far back there. No trails called for bark-etching as I found my way deep into the bush. I brought my rod and a small panther martin spinner, but didn't see any brook trout action. Hoping to get back there again soon for a more thorough fishing excursion. what do you think? Does this look like brookie waters? There are very few homes backing onto the entire river system. One thing I've been doing is foraging to mushrooms. I bought a field guide, read it up, down, sideways and cross-referenced every piece of information I could. Chantrelles are a great addition to dinner, they fetch a lot of money at high-end restaurants (they aint getting mine ) and seem to be quite abundant around here. I've been having a blast finding my side-dish in my back-yard between cutting/stacking wood. Thanks for reading; now I'm gonna go pick to raspberries to put into my cereal, then I'm gonna go visit the wood pile.
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