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Found 1 result

  1. A SLAVE GUIDE’S STORY. This past summer I took a job guiding in northern Canada. Fueling the idea was much curiosity, fishing experience and one overwhelming urge to challenge myself in an entirely different way. At age 39, with twenty years devoted to work and study in healthcare, recent changes have opened doors for new opportunities... And so it came to be, that with some nervous anticipation I boarded a July flight destined for Plummer’s Lodge on Great Slave Lake, with hopes to become a guide... INITIATION. A talkative angler sat on the plane next to me for our flight to Yellowknife. At first Trevor carried much of the conversation, excitedly explaining how he loves muskie and all things muskie fishing. Within his descriptive stories he held quite a confidence and passion for it, making all that he said quite easy to believe. When he slowed down enough to ask about my fishing it only served to open up a giant can of worms, one which lead to several beers and hours of us rambling on and on. Waiting for him at final destination was his uncle promising pike, lake trout and the possibility of inconnu found upon Great Slave Lake. A nice fella to meet and share unexpected time with, we’d part ways on the ground. Trevor planned to stay two weeks in the city and explore outward from there, while I had another flight to catch the following morning. A year earlier Brenda and I upon Great Slave had fished that same grand stage ourselves. Third week into the Plummers fishing season as guests we were treated to exceptional fishing. While forest fires blazed across the Territories, some continually encroaching upon the lodge, we happily inhaled the threat as one unique part of our experience. An angler, what intrigued me most about this fishery was its jig bite. I love and prefer to jig, and no other trophy arctic lake that I have fished does such a quality opportunity exist at even close to the same caliber. Slave's underwater topography of vast differences and enormity, greatly inspires possibilities for catching giant lake trout lurking anywhere beneath its surface. Read on here if you like at Bunks Outdoor Angle... http://bunksoutdoorangle.com/a-slave-guides-story/ Thanks, Bunk.
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